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VFS Wealth Managers

At VFS Wealth Managers we offer a wide range of life enhancing wealth management products and services. From wealth creation products to wealth preservation and transference products, we have the right products to suit every stage of an individual's life circle.

Wealth Planning

Planning for Wealth

Our basic wealth planning services are free to qualifying customers. We can assist you draw up a basic wealth acquisition and preservation program suited to your income, lifestyle, circumstances and ambitions. The service will also include a detailed analysis of your current investment portfolio, benchmarking its performance to what is currently available on the market and make suggestions on how you can make the best with what you currently have now.

Feel free to contact us here to determine if you qualify for this free service.

Wealth Generation and Accumulation

Acquiring Wealth

There are many different ways in which you can invest and grow your wealth. We offer a very diverse range of products and services to enable you match your wealth acquisition program to your ambitions and risk profile. Our wealth acquisition programs include the following:

  • Investments (Equities, Bonds, Hedge Funds, etc)
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Retirement Planning
  • Private Equity Portfolios

Wealth Preservation

Preserving Wealth

At VFS Wealth Managers, we believe it is important to plan for wealth protection in order to minimize the eventual impact of taxes, asset expropriations, and other unforeseen eventualities, including death and disability.

Our Wealth Preservation strategies usually incorporate:

  • Insurance Planning
  • Trusts and Asset Protection
  • Use of Offshore Accounts and Companies

To learn more about our wealth planning services and programs, please feel free to contact us on +27 11 039 1979 or 011 039 0879 or send us an email here

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