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VFS PENSIONS - QROPS Assessment Form

Name Of Applicant:
Address Of Applicant (UK):
Address Of Applicant (outside of UK):
Contact Telephone
Contact Email Address:
Where do you currently spend most of your time? (Zimbabwe, SA, Kenya, UK or Other):
Where will you be staying 12 months from now? (Zimbabwe, SA, Kenya, UK or Other):
Have you previously had pension contributions deducted from your UK earnings/Salary?
  Yes No
If so, please state employer:
(i) Employer 1
Period: From: To
(ii) Employer 2
Period: From: To
(iii) Employer 3
Period: From: To
(iv) Employer 4
Period: From: To
(v) Employer 5
Period: From: To
You can list additional employers on a spreadsheet which you can emails to us on qrops@vfswealthmanagers.com
If you have already migrated from the UK, did you inform all you previous UK pension administrators
  Yes No
If NO, which administrators remain outstanding?
  • All information provided herein will be treated by VFS in the outmost of confidence and will be solely used to asses your eligibility to take your all your UK pension benefits to where you will be:
  • You may obtain additional information on QROP's here:
  • Once you submit the information, one of VFS's QROPS representatives will contact you to discuss your situation with you:
  • VFS is a registered Financial Services Provider and is authorized to advice on pensions and retirement plans.