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Corporate Risk Managment

Risk Assessment

At VFS Risk Services, we not only offer a comprehensive range of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) products, but we also offer, for free to our clients an Enterprise Risk Assessment service to enable them manage assets better and minimise insurance premium cost. We usually recommend that our clients do this exercise first before obtaining any quotes for their short term insurance requirements.

Business Insurance (Risk Management) Products and Services

Our list or business insurance products is very diverse and includes the following:

  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Property / Buildings Insurance
  • Business Casualty (Liability) Insurance
  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Business Equipment Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Cell Captive Insurance Services

Insurance and Claims Management

Our claims services are designed to assist our business clients ensure that their claims are processed as speedily as possible. We always go the extra mile by providing claims management for our clients, as we believe delivery of insurance as a service is at claims settlement.

To learn more about how we can help, please feel free to contact us on +27 011 039 1979 or 011 039 0879 or send us an email here .

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